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I have nothing to say and I am saying it

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Owen Massey McKnight
5 May 1977
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Mostly harmless.

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4ad, alcopops, alphabets, anarchism, aphorisms, arguments, art, atheism, authority control, being boring, belle & sebastian, bibliolinguistics, black, blasphemy, books about books, bridges, capitalism, cats, chamber pop, cheese, chris morris, cider, cinema, classification, commuting, confectionery, corpgoth, crosswords, cruelty, cultural imperialism, david cronenberg, devil's advocacy, dilettantism, doctor who, douglas adams, douglas coupland, douglas hofstadter, dystopias, edward gorey, effortless superiority, elections, electronica, elitism, escher, evolution, feminism, folk, gaydar jamming, gin, girl groups, google, harry potter, ikea, indie, informationism, infrastructure, interoperability, jargon, jasper fforde, jeff noon, john wyndham, joy division, julian barnes, kissing, language, legalizing drugs, liberalism, libraries, livejournal, london, luke haines, macintosh, maps, mathematics, medical history, meta, metric, microcontent, minimalism, minutiae, misanthropy, molesworth, monogamy, morality, muji, museums, musicals, mutualism, names, new wave, nicholson baker, nomic, north america, offices, open content, order, oulipo, oxbridge, paradoxes, pasta, paying taxes, pet shop boys, philip larkin, philistinism, plain english, playing god, politics, pop, pornography, public transport, pubs, qwerty, redheads, reference books, register, richard dawkins, risk aversion, sad songs, satire, science, scrabble, sex, shoegazing, silence, simplicity, singer/songwriters, siouxsie, sleeping, slowcore, smiths, snow, solitude, stationery, stephin merritt, swearing, sweet girl-graduates, taxonomy, they might be giants, tom lehrer, typography, unicode, urbanity, usability, victorian britain, walking, wit, word games, xml, your mum, zx spectrum

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