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Friday, April 3rd, 2009
3:15p - That's not my name. My name is...
Owen McKnight. Except for a stage whisper of "Is that legal?" when the registrar announced us, no one has expressed that much surprise at my taking j4's name. A chap might almost be disappointed!

I'm Owen Massey McKnight in full. Instead of a double surname as rmc28 chose, I've made my old surname my new middle name. The idea was to keep my professional reputation (watch it) and search engine optimisation, but I'm tending to use the simpler, shorter form. Thus my email is now owen.mcknight@gmail.com (I'll deal with the old vanity domain later).

How do you change your name?Collapse )

To reverse the usual justification for Ms, it seemed only fair that if j4 was changing from Miss to Mrs then I should have some sign of my new status, too. Does it feel different? It's a lovely reminder and will be till I get used to it. I think it made my mum a little sad; but that's what you get for raising your son a feminist.

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