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Tuesday, October 1st, 2002
1:20p - Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
Mad props to jiggery_pokery for the inevitable kickstart into vanity publishing. I've considered, and resisted, starting a weblog for the last two years, on the self-effacing grounds that my verbiage would be wasted in competition with the fine writing already out there. But it's so tempting...

I don't yet know whether this journal will become more diary or blog, that is, whether it will focus on my fascinating life or be directed externally. At the very least, if you know me, you can enjoy my caustic comments, and if you don't, then, well, hello (waves)

The important question: why addedentry? It's a piece of library geek jargon, but with plain application to a journal. A main entry is the term most likely to be sought for a book in a library catalogue (usually the first author); the added entries are the less obvious search keys. This fits with my perception of myself as a born deputy.

The LiveJournal infrastructure seems pretty snazzy. Looking at what I'd need to combine - Blogger, enetation, RSSify - barely to approach the features of LJ, the choice should have been simple, but residual snobbery still held me back until zorac demonstrated transparent embedding in the style of an existing site.

Now to polish my interests list, about which more in a later post.

Stay hungry.

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