Owen Massey McKnight (addedentry) wrote,
Owen Massey McKnight

Fiddling while our home burns

My resolution for 2009 is to reduce my carbon footprint. To make this aim concrete, I'll be monitoring my energy use at The Carbon Account. Even better, you can join in and keep an eye on me, too:


As it happens, I've been taking gas and electricity meter readings at imeasure since July. We're relatively blameless (as you can verify) because we don't drive and don't fly. But this makes it harder to reduce our emissions with simple suggestions like 'use your smaller car'.

Better insulation would make a big difference, but we're restricted in what we can do because we're renting, so a subsidiary resolution has to be to save money for the deposit on a house. The challenge is to do all this without withdrawing from society; hairshirts may be all we have in a decade or two so I'm reluctant to adopt them for this season.

(Registering for The Carbon Account reminded me to make a trivial but helpful resolution: sort out my online passwords! Certainly not by making them all the same, but to give myself a chance of remembering any of them.)

Happy New Year!
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